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In Classic Garden Features David Stuart has created a comprehensive source book of the structures and ornaments that are an integral part of garden design. As striking and memorable as the plants themselves, many of these practical and decorative creations are now design classics.

Each chapter is devoted to a specific design feature — water, seating, containers, plant support, topiary, centrepieces, walls, paths and steps and the working garden — and surveys the rich diversity of styles and influences. In the case of containers there are, for instance, examples of the classical Roman urn, the Versailles tub and Chinese egg pots. The book traces the cultural and historical origins of each piece and then sets them in a modern context. It also examines the changes and adaptations they have undergone over the years as well as detailing their many practical and decorative uses. A comprehansive visual reference book, this is the definitive guide to classical garden features.


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David Stuart